This website is the home base for media projects that will explore human hands, how they work and what they can do.
In an era where consumption is insatiable and the number of hours we spend in front of a screen is formidable, is the hand losing its relevance? In Agents of the Brain we will take a revealing and visually poetic journey from birth until the end of life. We will hear stories from people for whom hands have great value. We will prove that evolution has designed our bodies to function at its best when there is active and complex use of our hands.

Working Hands has been researched and developed since 2011. It has gone in different directions but I believe the feature length documentary proposal Agents of the Brain is the best approach. To find out the motivation and reasoning behind it go to FAQ. There is no funding at this moment and I welcome advice and collaboration.

I encourage you to go to the BLOG page and check out the posts. I have also started doing BLOG posts for Check them out and see some short videos I did on both the Ottawa and Montreal Mini Maker Faires.

My name is Richard Burman. A little of my background and contact information is on the BACK PAGE.

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