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In an era where consumption is insatiable and the number of hours we spend in front of a screen is formidable, is the hand losing its relevance? In From Rocks to Radar we will take a 2.6 million year journey from the most primitive of stone tools until today when technology can tap into the power of the human hand. We will hear stories from people for whom hands have great value. We will prove that evolution has designed our bodies to function at its best when there is active and complex use of our hands.


I had the opportunity recently to share my documentary proposal From Rocks to Radar at a marketplace event in Montreal. The premise of this project was very well received but the pitch video didn't engage enough for them to come on board. So instead I have decided to do a very short documentary that will demonstrate the aesthetic approach I am planning to use. The working title is The Hands of a Child. This footage will more than likely make it into the longer documentary and be a better demo to obtain funding. Stay tuned.

I encourage you to go to the BLOG page and check out the posts. I have also done BLOG posts for Check them out and see the short videos I did on both the Ottawa and Montreal Mini Maker Faires.

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