This website is the home base for media projects that will explore human hands, how they work and what they can do.
Agents of the Brain is being developed as a feature length documentary that will follow the journey of the human hand from birth until the end of life. Along with being visual poetic, the science of how the hand and brain work together will be explored.

This project has gone in many directions as you will learn if you go to the Back Burner. I have decided to concentrate my focus on Agents of the Brain. I have applied for a grant but still further revenue will be needed. I am looking for partners who believe that active use of our hands is essential for our collective and personal well being. Unsolicited advice is most welcomed.

I encourage you to go to the BLOG page and check out the posts. I have also started doing BLOG posts for Check them out and see some short videos I did on both the Ottawa and Montreal Mini Maker Faires.

My name is Richard Burman. A little of my background and contact information is on the BACK PAGE.

If you want to follow this project send me an e-mail or go to the project's Facebook page and click the Like button.
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