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Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

The holidays for me is sometimes an opportunity to do some work that is normally put off. Since I had to get a new water heater recently, the workbench space was disassembled to create a path for the unit to be put in place. This gave me the motivation to redesign the area a bit. One task was to put up a shelf unit that would store the tools I use. Since I have a quantity of rails and wood all cut to uniform dimensions (from a previous since retired project) I thought I would build a shelf using these components. As many projects are, it is taking a lot longer time to do as some of my construction techniques are not working. A pre-designed shelf unit that can be assembled in minutes and not hours is starting to have some appeal. After writing this blog though I will no doubt look at this as a challenge and continue.

I recently came across an article that poses the question; Is technology hurting us by making life easier?. This is a timely article considering my choice to custom build a shelf. My life definitely has not been made easier but when (and not if) I complete the shelf unit I will have a tremendous feeling of satisfaction and be that much smarter in what does and doesn’t work in creating such a structure. Reflecting on this article I will admit to sometimes using a GPS unit without knowing even in rough terms where my destination is located. And I do succumb to navigating to a website by typing part of the name in Google search and not trying to remember the full address. While this article is not specifically about ‘working with hands’ I am finding a correlation. Even if one makes use of power tools, even if one uses a kit with clear instructions and all the ingrediants or parts provided, creating something with your hands will never be a quick and easy activity. Inherently it takes a certain length of time. Inherently it is often a challenge to do. THANK GOODNESS!

I leave you with this cartoon sent to me from my daughter.