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Touching Young LIVES

Saturday, November 26th, 2016

Over the last few years I have had the privilege to visit a few Montessori pre-schools. What interests me about this method of teaching is the philosophy of Maria Montessori that children learn best through the five senses. While Montessori teaching methods could in itself be a topic for several documentaries I wanted to focus on the role of hands in a child’s development.

Along the way I met Karolyn Lamarre who had studied this method and was teaching at Inspiration Montessori . My first couple of visits was to observe and plan what I wanted to shoot. What struck me right away were the children who when you looked at them engaged in some activity you could almost see their brain working. Often they were the children who had been there for awhile and were very uninhibited using Montessori materials. The children are completely free to decide what they are going to play with at a given moment.  This encourages them to become self-motivated and consequently develop a desire to discover. I was especially interested in the really young ones as they were just starting to learn what their hands and their bodies are capable of doing. The short film I made focuses on these children. Using your hands to help learn more abstract concepts like math or language could be the subject for a future documentary.