That’s COOL!

July 22nd, 2012 by Richard Burman

There has been two videos I have seen recently where saying “That’s COOL” is a natural response. The first one is about a 9 year old boy who decides to build his own arcade out of cardboard boxes from his father’s auto supply store.

The second one is about a father who builds a 12ft. high roller coaster in the back yard for his son.

Compared to what you would find at a carnival or a fun-park there is nothing very impressive with what we see in these two videos.  The COOL factor for me rests in the intent, the approach, the stick-to-it-activeness, the problem-solving, the resourcefulness and most importantly the joy experienced through the process. If you go to the website for Caine’s Arcade you will be blown away by what this young boy’s initiative triggered in people.

Watch these videos and see if you can hold yourself back from saying “That IS COOL“.

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